Forest Restaurant

Forest fine dining

Deep in the heart of nature

Our kitchen and restaurant nest deep in the heart of nature near the ancient manor ruins and are surrounded by old forests and loops, full of interesting food.


We combine pre-agricultural cooking practices and the influences of Nordic cuisine with modern understandings of cooking and modern techniques.

Straight from nature

The forest restaurant uses raw materials picked directly from nature to add exciting and innovative nuances to its dishes, while offering both an unforgettable experience and closeness to nature.


The ingredients for the on-site cooking workshop will be gathered from Nõmbra while walking on the meadow and be at the time of preparing a delicious meal. We can also provide catering in the location of your choice. For those who prefer to enjoy the tastes of Estonian nature in a less wild place, we offer cooking lessons or a presentation in cooperation with the kitchen restaurant Köök in the Old Town of Tallinn.


Spring 2024

  • Maple blossom/birch leaf lemonade
  • Rowan blossom gin
  • Weed salad on cottage cheese with smoked bacon, sourdough croutons, and pickled quail eggs
  • Green pea soup with crab and wild garlic
  • Dark beer-braised wild boar with sauteed fireweed shoots, chestnut and acorn cookies, and scorched goutweed oil
  • Rowan bud milk creme brulee with forest anise butter cookie
  • Chestnut and acorn pancake with birch sap syrup and whipped cream

    (Dessert for workshop groups)

  • Herbal tea/coffee/ Nõmbra liquor

Spring season activities

Spring in the meadows of Nõmbra Manor is like a green paradise that you and your company can now be a part of. We will walk together with the bird songs in the forest adorned with Nordic huts and 15 unique light installations. We’ll breathe in a good amount of fresh air and enjoy the time spent together with wonderful taste experiences directly from nature.

"Foraging Expedition and Cooking Together" package

Come with your group to the enchanting Nõmbra spring forest, adorned with 15 unique light installations and enriched by birdsong. We will take you on a walk through the meadows of Nõmbra Manor, a verdant paradise in the spring. We’ll gather the best of the meadow’s offerings and together create incredible taste experiences.

Price: €120 per participant. Minimum group size: 10 participants.

"Foraging Expedition and Wilderness Survival" package

The package offers the opportunity to explore spring nature, learn about edible plants and natural gifts, and apply this knowledge practically by preparing culinary delights directly from nature with a chef. We will also learn wilderness survival skills for situations that typically occur unexpectedly: starting fires, collecting water, building shelters, and orienteering.

Price: €145 per participant. Minimum group size: 10 participants.

Additional services for packages:

  • Tea ceremony with a shaman.
  • Traveling with husky dogs.
  • Folklore concerts.
  • Bog hike in Kakerdaja bog with a guide and hiking gear.
  • NEW! Smoke sauna ritual and flower baths.



    Visit us: Rooküla, Harju maakond, Anija vald. Vaata kaarti.

    Ellery Powell (ENG) +372 5358 4755
    Indrek Leht (EST) +372 5155 365

    Enhancing the attractiveness of Nõmbra Manor with a Nordic huts theme park.
    As a result of the project, a unique theme park/visitor center will be created.