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Elk Hemp Festival.

Polina Cherkassova will perform her fairy-tale concert as the final performance of the Põdranep festival in Aegviidu on May 25. The Elk Hemp Festival is an ode to weed, indigenous wisdom, wild food. The festival area is free for everyone. Read more about the festival HERE.

As part of the festival, the storyteller and multi-instrumentalist Polina tells special fairy tales about the environment, where the earth is alive and people understand the language of birds and animals. These are inspiring folk tales and author’s stories that Polina collected during her numerous travels around the world.

All songs are accompanied by Polina’s charmingly enchanting music, which she performs on rare instruments.

As a storyteller and multi-instrumentalist, Polina Cherkassova is loved both in Estonia and internationally, participating in storytelling festivals around the world. He is the author of five audiobooks. You can listen to and watch Polina’s fairy tales on ERR Lasteekraan and on her YouTube.

The concert is supported by the Estonian Cultural Foundation.


Nature In heart

The forest restaurant organizes various seasonal events throughout the year that celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature. In addition to this, we also host various light installations and a light festival, which make the night shine and create a wonderful magical world.

Nõmbra Light installations


Visit us: Rooküla, Harju maakond,  Anija vald. Vaata kaarti.

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Enhancing the attractiveness of Nõmbra Manor with a Nordic huts theme park.
As a result of the project, a unique theme park/visitor center will be created.