Forest Restaurant

Forest fine dining

Deep in the heart of nature

Our kitchen and restaurant nest deep in the heart of nature near the ancient manor ruins and are surrounded by old forests and loops, full of interesting food.


We combine pre-agricultural cooking practices and the influences of Nordic cuisine with modern understandings of cooking and modern techniques.

Straight from nature

The forest restaurant uses raw materials picked directly from nature to add exciting and innovative nuances to its dishes, while offering both an unforgettable experience and closeness to nature.


The ingredients for the on-site cooking workshop will be gathered from Nõmbra while walking on the meadow and be at the time of preparing a delicious meal. We can also provide catering in the location of your choice. For those who prefer to enjoy the tastes of Estonian nature in a less wild place, we offer cooking lessons or a presentation in cooperation with the kitchen restaurant Köök in the Old Town of Tallinn.


Winter menu

  • Forest glögg with meadow sweet/ calvados
  • Forest mushroom soup.
  • Pike quenelles, salted fern cream sauce, chanterelle conserve.
  • Slow cooked moose with smoked plums, lingon berries and acorn dumpling.
  • Virburnum mousse, roast white chocolate, reindeer moss. 
Herb tea, Spiced coffee, Nõmbra shnapps, Chaga

August 2023

  • Forest mushroom soup, applewood smoked sour cream.
  • Charcoal baked Perch, roast plantain and nettle seeds, pickled samphire. Cream sauce.
  • Grilled red deer fillet, charcoal baked potato, saute fireweed, wild oregano sauce.
  • Golden sugar meringue, rowan bud cream and cloud berry jam, viburnum powder.
Herb tea/coffee/Nõmbra shnapps

* 95€ participant / minimum group size 10 participants.


  • A longer collection trip and a tea ceremony with a shaman
  • A longer hike with a nature guide with forest coping activities’
  • Snowshoe hike to Kakerdaja Rappa with a guide and hiking equipment
  • Folklore concerts
  • Archery course (from July 1)

* Additional activities  300€ 450€ (Ask for quota)

Package "Forest rest and lantern walk on the light trail"

We offer Seasonal packages combined of good food, light art and indigenous customs. You are welcome to add extra activities, music and why not meeting with Santa to the principal package.

  • Together with the guide, you will go through a light art trail consisting of up to 15 installations.
  • Dinner in the Metsarestoran located in an authentic Sami barn with a campfire and tent roof.
  • Enjoying dessert and campfire stories in a large Indian tipi

* Minimum group size 10 participants.


Contact us

Visit us in the Nõmbra Karjamõisa area. Rooküla, Harju county, Anija parish. Look at the map.

Ellery Powell (ENG) +372 5358 4755

Indrek Leht (EST) +372 5155 365