Our kitchen and restaurant nest deep in the heart of nature near the ancient manor ruins and are surrounded by old forests and loops, full of interesting food.

The forest restaurant uses raw materials picked directly from nature to add exciting and innovative nuances to its dishes, while offering both an unforgettable experience and closeness to nature.

We combine pre-agricultural cooking practices and the influences of Nordic cuisine with modern understandings of cooking and modern techniques.

With us in the Nõmbra forest, you can pick up the ingredients for an on-site cooking workshop while walking on the meadow and be at the time of preparing a delicious meal. We can also provide catering in the location of your choice. For those who prefer to enjoy the tastes of Estonian nature in a less wild place, we offer cooking lessons or a presentation in cooperation with the kitchen restaurant Köök in the Old Town of Tallinn.

Christmas in Nômbra Forest Restaurant

We offer Christmas-inspired packages combined of good food, light art and indigenous customs. You are welcome to add extra activities, music and why not meeting with Santa to the principal package.

We are looking forward to groups and companies of 2-30 members who can enjoy the

wild nature of Kõrvemaa

350 m long path of light art with up to 15 light installations, 

Forest Restaurant situated in an authentic Sami granary with a fireplace and a tent roof, 

grand teepee and comfortable yurt to provide shelter also in bad weather  

(85 eur per person together with a guide and the light path)

Sami glögg

Forest mushroom soup

Pike qunelle, wild garlic cream

Moose and black beer Stew, smoked wild plum. Potato and seaweed butter

Viburnum mousse, roast chocolate and barley

Christmas coffee and Nômbra schnapps

Little Christmas menu

(55  eur per person together with a guide and the light path)

Meadow tea

 Forest mushroom soup

Confit boar and pickled cranberry sandwich

Chestnut brownie, salted caramel pinenut sauce

Christmas coffee and Nômbra schnapps

Let’s create a unique experience together!

(prices for extra activities range from 200  to 450 eur)

Lantern walk with husky dogs

Tea ceremony with a shaman

Meeting with forest fairies, giving Christmas gifts

Exploration of the winter forest together with the guide

Folklore concerts